Ban The Plastic Bag: Video By

The Pacific Garbage Patch has grown to be twice the size of Texas. This is unacceptable. Join SHFT in pushing to ban plastic shopping bags in California. The California State Assembly passed a bill to ban plastic shopping bags on June 2. The bill goes to the senate mid august. Help us become the first state to ban the plastic bag. Click on the link below to sign the petition and we'll make sure it gets to your senator.
California Governor Arnold Schwarzenegger, who in May eliminated offshore drilling in California, supports the bag ban, meaning that if the Senate passes the bill, it would almost definitely be signed into law. That would put California, which currently uses 19 billion plastic bags per year, well ahead of the rest of the country in the effort to go green.
So if you live in California, sign a petition to your legislator calling for the bill's passage. Not a resident? You can still help in the fight against the overuse of plastic bags and the growth of the Great Pacific Garbage Patch.

Manuel Martinez

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