Heal The Bay Encourages You To: Trash Your Friends, Not The Ocean.

Project GreenBag teams up with Heal the Bay to promote a fun new campaign called 'Trash your friends, not the ocean'. It's an interactive website that  let's you have fun while spreading the word about plastic pollution.

Time to Trash Talk Your Friends

We all know plastic bags (and other objects) suck. These dirty little pests are trashing our oceans and environment. Well it's time to fight back! Here is how it works:
- Visti the Heal the Bay website www.trashed.healthebay.org

- Click 'Trash your friends' button to start

- Enter a website URL to which you would like to trash. Tip: Send your friend to a site you know they like and visit often. This will payoff during the prank.

- Enter your friend(s) email address(es) and yours. They will not reuse or sell your info in anyway.

- Choose a plastic bag monster/character

- Send and enjoy

The Fun Doesn't Stop There. Trash Everyone.

Heal the Bay has a cool page with widgets & banners that you can dress up your own website, blogs, Facebook or MySpace accounts with to help get the word out about the plastic pollution. Visit: www.healthebay.org/trashyourfriends

Manuel Martinez

Project GreenBag, 2200 Market St, San Francisco, CA, 94114, United States