Major UK Retailer Marks & Spencer Fights Plastic Bags

Marks & Spencer will introduce a charge of 5p ( about 8 cents USD) for the bags at its 600 UK food stores. Marks & Spencer is to stop offering free throwaway carrier bags in a landmark move to fight "plastic poison". The company will introduce a charge of 5p for the bags at its 600 UK food stores.

The decision is a major breakthrough for the Daily Mail campaign to cut the waste caused by the 13billion single-use carriers handed out by retailers every year.

M&S executives believe their move could cut customers' use of throwaway bags by more than 70 per cent. The Mail's "Banish the Bags" campaign, launched yesterday, won massive support from political leaders, academics, environmental campaigners and celebrities.

Nick Jenkins, of the International Fund for Animal Welfare, summed up the reaction when he said: "Retailers have to take a lead in stopping shoppers from the madness of using plastic bags just once. "Ninety per cent of the debris in our oceans is plastic. That is a horrifying statistic."

Manuel Martinez

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