Many Green Bags Not So Green After All

You know how everyone raves about green bags? We use them to help our efforts to reduce the number of plastic bags we bring home from the grocery shop.

Well, it turns out many green bags aren’t so green after all!

  • Green bags are also made of plastic (which comes from oil and biodegrades extremely slowly)
  • Green bags are difficult to recycle
  • If green bags are recycled, they make nasty thermoplastic elastomer (used in things like snowmobile tracks, shoe soles and catheters)
  • Green bags tend to be manufactured overseas and thus plenty of energy is expended getting them to you
  • Green bags break too, eventually (trust me on this!) and are difficult to repair
  • The piece of black plastic in the bottom of the bag snaps and is generally a pain in the ass (it’s not recyclable either).

Do I think green bags are a better option than regular plastic bags? Sure thing. It’s still better to reuse plastic a bunch of times than go for single use items. However, if we can make the same product out of natural, biodegradable fibre isn’t that an even better choice? Yes.


Manuel Martinez

Project GreenBag, 2200 Market St, San Francisco, CA, 94114, United States