PCB to Ban Polythene Bags

Waking up to the ill-effects of plastic on the environment, the Pune Cantonment Board (PCB) has decided to ban usage of polythene bags inits area.

"The aim is to reduce environment as well health hazards. We are discussing the matter with other governing bodies to check the legal aspects before imposing the ban. We will also approach the state government, discuss the minimum thickness of plastic permissible and decide the date of ban. The board members are also seeking guidance from environmentalists," said Brig Rajbir Singh, president of PCB.

During these interactions, the PCB will gather information regarding plastic materials that can and should be banned. "A lot of plastic material, mostly poly bags, choke sewage pipes. This is one of the causes for water-logging in PCB areas. It finally leads to problem of contaminated water and health hazards," said PCB elected member Shailendra Bidkar.

Bidkar said the pipelines in PCB areas belong to the British era. Besides they are small so even a small piece of plastic gets stuck in the pipes.

The ban will be monitored by the Nuisance Prevention squad, whose work is supervised by PCB's revenue department. "The squad will primarily spread awareness among users and encourage them to stop using poly bags. It will also keep an eye on retailers and big shopkeepers who distribute polythene bags," said Chitra Gokhale, Chief Revenue Superintendent.

Source: http://ow.ly/xc7q

Manuel Martinez

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