Plastic Bags to Be Banned in Abu Dhabi

The Centre of Waste Management in Abu Dhabi has finalised a draft resolution for banning use of plastic bags at shopping centers in the emirate of Abu Dhabi.Dr Badr Al Harahsha, Director of the Centre, has said that the resolution has been submitted to the Executive Council of Abu Dhabi for approval.

"If passed, the commercial shops will be granted a six month grace period to comply with the resolution. Plastic bags will be replaced with paper or cloth ones," he said while talking to Khaleej Times.

He said that "Offenders will face a hefty fine of not less than Dh10,000, we expect the resolution to go into force next year." Towards this move, he said the government of Abu Dhabi will licence new laboratories on testing bags used in markets to ensure they are free of any hazardous materials harmful to public health.

"Plastic bags make up to 20 per cent of waste in Abu Dhabi emirate," he revealed and added that in a later stage producers of plastic bags will be ordered to make environmentally-friendly products. – Emirates News Agency, WAM


Manuel Martinez

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