Project GreenBags Are 100% Made In The USA

Project GreenBag would like to thank our American workers who create our beautiful eco-friendly bags. They are a vital part of our organization and we love you (big hugs!)
The decision to spend an extra buck at checkout maybe tough in these economic times. But what you get in return is tremendous. When you buy a Project GreenBag you keep American workers employed. Employed with great health benefits, fair wage and support the American economy. Wow that's a powerful dollar!
Is made in America important to you? To some it is; to most it doesn't make a difference. The economic future of our nation as well as the future for our children and grandchildren are dependant on the choices that we make today. With each passing year we are becoming more dependant on China and other countries to produce our consumer goods, meanwhile more and more American jobs are being lost to factories in China, as these products that were formally made in America are now being made in overseas.
As this trend continues our trade deficits with China grows larger with each passing year, further indebting the US Government to another nation. Our national debt we owe China is over one million dollars every 42 seconds. This amount is so large, that few people can even read or comprehend this number and what it truly represents, meanwhile it is constantly growing.
In a nut shell, we are slowly self-destructing the economic manufacturing base of our nation and with that, the security of our families with each and every product that is Made In China.
The Mart & Big-Box Stores:
These corporations (and others) are largely responsible for this impending disaster that looms on the horizon. They are obsessed with acquiring low cost goods so as to promote higher sales and boost their corporate profits.
Now is the time for each American, to stand up and be counted with their power of their purchasing dollars with each and every transaction that you make, by requesting & demand items that are Made In America
American products create American jobs and a more sustainable future!

Manuel Martinez

Project GreenBag, 2200 Market St, San Francisco, CA, 94114, United States