Project GreenBags Are Manufactured In The USA

For most Americans, working in factories was so 50 years ago. Today only 10 percent of the workforce is employed by the manufacturing sector, as compared to 34 percent in 1950. Some might see this as progress, especially since factory work is often associated with long hours, mind-numbing assembly line work, and windowless facilities.
SFMade promotes manufacturing of a different kind, and it's on a crusade to bring those jobs back to San Francisco. Companies in the SFMade network see their workers as artisans, not cogs in a machine, and their craftsmanship can be seen in all sort of products.

San Francisco lost 65% manufacturing jobs since 2001, outsourced to overseas. Manufacturing in the USA cost more, but the rewards are great. Zero sweatshop labor, fair wages, health care, green jobs for Americans, and a sustainable future for us all!
Take a look inside your 'eco-friendly' reusable bag. Where is your's made? Does it matter to you? Buy an eco-friendly bag from Project GreenBag, they are made in the USA & stop plastic pollution at the same time!
Watch this video below and compare the manufacturing process in America and overseas.

Manuel Martinez

Project GreenBag, 2200 Market St, San Francisco, CA, 94114, United States