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  • 100% USA Organic Cotton
  • Made in the USA, San Francisco CA.
  • Machine Washable
  • Biodegradable and Lead Free Fabric
  • Ultra Strong: Holds up to 50 lbs
  • Holds 3 times more than a plastic bag can
  • 12″ wide, 14″ tall, 7" deep, 24″ handles
  • Zero Plastic!

Finally, a modern reusable bag designed for today’s shopper. This bag is soft and durable. It is certified 100% organic, and grown without herbicides or pesticides, which makes this organic product better for you and better for the environment. We designed this reusable bag strong enough to handle heavy items up to 50 lbs! It is generously large which allows you to carry a lot more items. Project GreenBag designed this vintage inspired reusable bag so you can ditch harmful plastic bags.

- Your order ships fast, within 24 hours
- Satisfaction guarantee: Return within 14 days no questions asked
- Participating stores pay you $0.5 – $0.10 cents per bag, each time!
- Reuse this bag 10 times each month or more and it pays for itself in just 1 year


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